A grower who can beat weather and market conditions and have more than a single crop in a growing season will have huge advantages in the market place. Northern climates are particularly vulnerable to adverse weather and short growing seasons; just as the crop is beginning to mature, rain, mold and other conditions can ruin a much anticipated harvest. By “fooling” the plants to mature during the height of summer these problems can be mitigated. Northern California has always been a trend setter in growing and light-dep is no exception. Light-dep techniques have been used and perfected here for many decades. Light deprivation is now fast becoming the preferred method of growing throughout most regions. Growers are finding that the intensity of mid-summer sun and the lower humidity levels are allowing them to command premium prices for a superior product that’s available before the market place is glutted by outdoor fall harvest. With the “green” movement gaining momentum and the desire to become carbon neutral, along with a more predictable high quality harvest many indoor growers are switching to light-dep and this trend will surely accelerate across the country. Overhead costs are significant with indoor and using the sun’s natural energy is an obvious way to increase profit.

In addition, we believe the drought will play a significant role in driving people into the light dep arena, as water shortages may mean a full term crop in 2014 will not be possible.

Light-dep greenhouse, Golden Arm Tarp Puller and Push Rod installed