The Benefits of our System

Automated greenhouse canopies aren’t a new conversation for those who enjoy agricultural pursuits. However, over the years many growers have held concerns about automation affordability, if it can help reduce production costs, and if it can help increase crop yields. Many are finding the benefits are possible while using the Harvest Excel™ automated greenhouse system.


The investment required for automated greenhouses, computer systems and other greenhouse solutions have traditionally limited automation to big operations that can afford it. That’s changing. The Harvest Excel™ system allows our customers to expand their system adding more advanced technology as they need it. One single motor can run up to five greenhouse segments making it possible to expand the size of the greenhouse (up to 100 feet) without making a large capital contribution.


Whether it’s concerns about the cost of employee healthcare, labor, or energy, more small and medium-sized growers are trying to find ways to automate. The Harvest Excel™ system allows you to run your greenhouse without having to depend human capital. With our automated canopy greenhouse system you can manage your greenhouse from anywhere without having to be on site or depend on labor. As a solar powered system, the Harvest Excel™ greenhouse can help reduce energy costs. No need for expensive electrical panels or wiring.


Lowering costs aren’t the only factor driving people to purchase Harvest Excel™ products. Many of the Harvest Excel™ products can assist in production productivity. The Harvest Excel™ Crop Shield Kit diffuses harmful U.V. and keeps plants safe from dew, light frost and wind damage. The canopy is translucent but serves as a visual barrier.