Harvest Excel™ Rain Sensor

Worried about the dangers of planting early? Customize your unit with Harvest Excel™ Rain Sensor and protect against rain, dew, and fog. When our state-of-the-art sensor detects precipitation, it alerts your control unit. The message overrides typical controller settings to trigger the release of your canopy. You don’t need to be onsite 24-hours a day to know peace of mind. This optical rain sensor is sensitive, rugged and reliable. Beams of infrared light sense even small amounts of precipitation to automatically close the canopy and protect your crop.

Heavy rain events may cause puddling on the canopy which will require onsite, in-person attention. Coming soon: Heavy rain reinforcement kit to eliminate heavy puddling.

Regions which experience heavy rain, wind or snow should install the Harvest Excel™ greenhouse inside larger greenhouse structures for optimal light deprivation.


Harvest Excel™ Text Helper™

Do you find yourself worrying about your crop when you’re away from the farm? Harvest Excel™ Text Helper™ will set your mind at ease with regular text updates on greenhouse conditions and functionality. Text Helper is an SMS modem that communicates with your unit’s control center to serve as a conduit between you and your greenhouse. Every time your unit operates, Text Helper™ sends your phone information.

Text Helper™ allows you to:

  • Receive coded text notification when your unit performs a function.
  • Monitor up to four units in close proximity site from one Text Helper™ modem.
  • Connect through cell or WiFi.