Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit

The brain of our automated greenhouse unit is the solar powered Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit. This kit allows you to program your unit, customize your settings, and drive daily action of your fully programable automated canopy greenhouse.

Included with your Auto-Kit is the Harvest Excel™ Temperature Sensor. This state-of-the-art temperature sensor signals your canopy to vent during heat waves and automatically close during cold fronts keeping your plants protected from inclement weather.

Together this system maximizes your crop’s potential by protecting from daily high and low temperatures. You can program your controller to open the canopy after the day has reached peak warmth, and then close again as the evening grows cool, saving you from fans and high energy costs.

Features of Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit:

  • Spring rotation makes for smooth functionality.
  • Dayton 1/6 horsepower motor and controller.
  • Solar panel and battery included.
  • Custom options such as Text Helper available.
  • All Auto-Kits come with a hand crank for back-up.

Patent pending innovations within the torsion spring assembly make it possible for a single Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit to drive up to four extensions of the original base unit.