Extension Kit
Harvest Excel™ Extension Kit

Harvest Excel™ Base Unit with one Extension Kit

Like the Harvest Excel™ base unit, the Extension Kit features a galvanized steel frame with a premium finish. This greenhouse kit comes equipped with our Dark-on-Demand™ canopy. Our 20′ Extension kits are designed to be linked to the base unit for a total of 100′ length. With of each extension the overall square footage costs are reduced. One Auto-kit will run the entire length. Extension kits can be installed initially with a base unit or added at anytime in the future to expand growing space.


Harvest Excel™ Extension Kit features:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Retractable Dark-on-Demand™ canopy.
  • Driven by the same drive line that operates the base unit
  • Auto-kit compatible.

Harvest Excel™ Extension Kit Specs

  • Unit Width: 12′
  • Unit Length: 20′
  • Unit Height: 7′

Exterior footprint of 13’x22’