Q: How does light deprivation work?

A: For an introduction to light deprivation, read Light Dep Basics.

Q: Does the install site need to be flat?

A: Your site doesn’t need to be perfectly flat. A drop of several feet over the course of
a 100-foot site would be acceptable, and slight out-slopes are not a problem. Just remember
that Harvest Excel™ greenhouses need to be installed on one continuous plane
(no twisting).

Q: How easy is it to install the Harvest Excel™ Crop Shield™ Kit?

A: The snap-in clips make Crop Shield™ install a “snap”. Because the fabric is so solidly secured, Crop Shield™ will last much longer than other applications you may be familiar with.

Q: Can I buy a base one year and then purchase extensions later?

A: Extensions can be added any time after the base is installed.

Q: What is Text Helper™?

A: Text Helper™ is an electronic component that updates the user via cell phone every time the unit functions. If an expected text is not received, then you’ll know to check the unit.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: We offer a two-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects on all components besides the canopy. The canopy has a 60-day limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Q: What comes standard with a base unit?

A: Base units include a galvanized steel frame, and a complete Dark-on-Demand™ System, featuring fiber re-enforced panda plastic (black on the inside and white on the outside to reduce thermal gain). Also included is the Dark-on-Demand™ Baffle System made out of durable ABS plastic. The unit is operated by hand crank, which is almost effortless.

Q: What options should I purchase?

A: Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit includes the solar-powered motor-controller. Instead of the
basic hand crank, the auto-kit allows for effortless remote control of clear canopy or blackout canopy. Auto-kits are sold separately from the base unit and are essential to operating the unit remotely. Without the auto-kit a farmer is committed to being on the
farm seven days a week. Text Helper™ allows a farmer to be completely aware of unit functions via cell phone.
Harvest Excel Crop Shield Kit diffuses harmful U.V. and keeps plants safe from dew, light frost and wind damage. The canopy is translucent but serves as a visual barrier.

Q: What type of power source do I need to operate an automated greenhouse?

A: The auto-kit comes standard with a complete solar power set up. If cloudy weather
sets in, the 12 volt battery will run the unit for about 3 days with little to no solar charge.
The controller can also be plugged directly into the grid.