HXL Blackout Tarp

HXL Blackout Tarp

Our fiber reinforced tarp is ideal for light-dep applications. The diamond rip-stop feature resists rips and punctures that are common with other polyethylene tarps, so you can stop buying new tarp every year. White on Black allows for reduced solar gain on the white side thus minimizing over heating problems. Black reverse reduces reflection maximizing a dark interior environment. Made in the USA

Online Price $0.40 per square foot.


This is a seasonal product in high demand. Order NOW and put a deposit on your tarp today to ensure timely delivery BEFORE your tarp is needed.

Most tarp sizes are in stock.


Purchase HXL Blackout Tarp directly from us by contacting us at sales@harvestexcel.com, or by phone at 707-986-4430 for shipping quote.


  • High quality blackout tarp for any light-dep.
  • Fiber reinforced ½” diamond rip-stop.
  • 8 mil.
  • Black on one side, white on reverse.
  • Standard widths:

-24′ -36′ -42″

  • Custom widths available.
  • Any length.
  • 3-4 year UV life-span.
  • Completely opaque.
  • 0.0386lbs per square foot. Example- 24’x100’ = 93lbs