Purchase Push Rods Online

The Push Rod is an adjustable rod with swiveling bracket that is attached to the upper part of the Golden Arm tarp puller. The Push Rod is designed to help aid in lifting the Golden Arm tarp puller (especially over larger greenhouses with only one person.) This allows the user to apply all the lifting or pulling force to the top of the arm for maximum leverage even as the top of the Golden Arm is extended above arm’s reach. We highly recommend the Push Rod to make the job even easier regardless of size or length of the greenhouse being covered. The Push Rod becomes essential in order to cover larger greenhouses with just one person and can be added to any Golden Arm tarp puller at any time.

Greenhouse with Golden Arm Tarp Puller and Push Rod


To purchase Push Rods online and have them shipped:

Price: $300.00

For any questions, Contact us: sales@harvestexcel.com or by phone: 707-986-4430 for shipping quote.