Safety Information:

Harvest Excel™ Automated Canopy Greenhouses operate automatically and without notice. Crushing and pinching injuries are possible without having a thorough understanding of the functions and operations of these unique machines.

Harvest Excel™ Automated Canopy Greenhouses should only be operated and programmed by competent adults who have completely read and understood the provided Owner’s Manual.

Children, animals and visitors should never be in proximity of Harvest Excel™ equipment.

If Harvest Excel™ Automated Canopy Greenhouses are to be used in regions that experience heavy inclement weather, they should be placed inside of larger greenhouse structures. The Harvest Excel™ equipment has been designed to be operated in a reasonable growing environment that does not include, but is not limited to snow, ice, wind, sand storms, dust storms, marine environment, rain, or industrial smog. If damage or injury occurs as a result of improper use, placement etc, Nox Manufacturing Inc. assumes no liability.

Harvest Excel™ Automated Canopy Greenhouses can be DANGEROUS if used improperly and must be properly sited for this consideration. They must be placed in an enclosed, locked area such as behind a perimeter fence with locked gates or inside of a larger greenhouse structure with locked doors. More detailed Safe Installation and Operation Practices are included in the Owner’s Manual accompanying Harvest Excel units.


Warranty Information:

The information about the products described herein is intended to educate potential purchasers about the products, but is not intended to create or be the basis of any express warranties. To the furthest extent allowed by law, the products described herein are subject to and only to a 2 year limited warranty for material manufacturer defects on all parts except canopies, which shall be subject to a limited 60 day warranty, and no other warranties shall apply. A copy of our limited warranty is available upon request by contacting us through the Contact tab on this website. In addition, retailers of the products can supply you with a copy of our limited warranty upon request.