Step 1: Choose Your Base

Harvest Excel™ Base Unit

The Harvest Excel™ base unit features a galvanized steel frame with a premium finish. This greenhouse starter kit comes with a manual hand crank and our Dark-on-Demand™ canopy. Our base unit is perfect for individuals who are just starting a greenhouse or those who are looking to experiment with light deprivation. With an exterior footprint of 13’x22’ this unit can fit in a small site or be expanded to fit any setting. Also included is the Dark-on-Demand™ Baffle System made out of durable ABS plastic.

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Retractable Dark-on-Demand™ canopy.
  • Manual hand crank
  • Each base unit is expandable with 12’x20′ extensions for a maximum size of 12′ x 100’.
  • Auto Kit compatible.


Harvest Tip:

Need a more advanced system? This base unit can be upgraded with the Harvest Excel™ Auto Kit, which fully automates your greenhouse canopy using a state of the art computer system and solar power. Your base unit is expandable with 12’x20’ extensions that can create a 12’x100’ greenhouse.

Harvest Excel™ Specs

  • Unit Width: 12′
  • Unit Length: 20′
  • Unit Height: 7′

Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit

The brain of our automated greenhouse unit, the solar powered Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit exemplifies the Harvest Excel™ experience: superior engineering and effortless utility. You’ll use Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit to program your unit, customize your settings, and drive daily action.

Features of Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit:

  • Spring rotation makes for smooth functionality.
  • Dayton 1/6 horsepower motor and controller.
  • Solar panel and battery included.
  • Custom options such as Text Helper™ available.
  • All Auto-Kits come with a hand crank for back-up.

Patent Pending innovations within the torsion spring assembly make it possible for a single Harvest Excel™ Auto-Kit to drive up to four extensions of the original base unit.

Tired of fans and high energy costs? To protect plants from inclement weather,
automated Harvest Excel™ greenhouses are equipped with a state-of-the-art
temperature sensor that signals your canopy to vent during heat waves and automatically close during cold fronts. Harvest Excel™ Temperature Sensor
technology also maximizes your crop’s potential by protecting from daily high and low temperatures: You can program your controller to open the canopy after the day has reached peak warmth, and then close again as the evening grows cool.

Features of Harvest Excel™ Temperature Sensor:

  • Adjustable high/low settings.
  • Can be set to override usual settings in case of extreme temperatures.
  • Solar-powered controller.